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With the increasingly common use of internet, people spend more time online in order to spend time as well as to learn new things. And this leads to the interest in websites to increase more and more. In addition to personal use, companies having websites is also considered almost an obligation nowadays. With the effect of the increasingly growing technological breakthroughs, website translation becomes more and more important. For companies, website is one of the most effective and fastest ways to introduce themselves, their products and services to the international market in our current internet age. Via internet, companies are able to reach out to masses in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible. Translation of the website into different languages is considered to be an indicator that any company or service cares about its customers outside their own country as well. Companies with versions in the foreign languages of their websites become extremely advantageous in terms of opening up to new markets.

There are some challenges to carrying the corporate identity to another country. However, translators who have knowledge on the work in question, who target the audience that is desired to be reached out to, and who are successful in localizing the current slogan might play an influential role in getting ahead of the rivals. With a successful work, the product or service that is desired to be sold can be easily sold in the newly entered market and can successfully appeal to the target audience.

Uluay Translation Services Offer Website Localization Services

Much more know how is required for website translation compared to the other translations services. In addition, the person who will perform the translation is requested to have a grasp on the culture and lifestyle of the country of the foreign language in question and to have a command on the language properties.

Website localization is one of the most demanded services of recent times. Localization; is the adaptation of any website content in order to fulfill the language-related, cultural, technical and legal requirements of a certain target culture and the planned communication tools. One of the most important steps toward globalization is to have a local website speaking the customers’ language. Companies aiming to stay long-term in a newly entered market; should take into consideration that the localization of the website means to convey the communication tools of the localized website. Having a website that has been studied meticulously and professionally is considered to be a guarantee for professionalism in the eyes of customers in addition to it allowing communication with the customers.

Persons and companies who want to exist in the markets other their own main markets starting to translate their products and services into other languages and engage in advertisement and marketing activities is the basic reason why website translation services become prominent. The priority in website translations should always be the well recognition of the product and market. A literary and fluent language should be used in website translation services instead of a word for word translation.

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As Uluay Translation Services, we aim to contribute to our business partners in their access to their target markets in the easiest and most effective way possible with our experience in our sector and the translation services that we deliver in 45 languages. In order for our business partners to be able to reflect their corporate images accurately and powerfully, we translate their websites with our leading expert team, we control them and get them ready for international publication. With our leading expert and equipped translators, we complete the website translations services in a reliable, fast and quality manner.

With the help of our team which is experienced in website translation services, which is a subject that requires a significant amount of attention and devoutness, we make sure to perform the translation to fully give the meaning of the word so that the translation is accurate.

We firstly conduct the research and planning within the scope of website translation services. Then, we get started on the works to carry out the most effective, accurate and complete translations to fit the subject of the website to be translated. We obtain the necessary information from our business partners before starting the job. We gather information on the business, brand, the message and the target audience, and start planning what we can do in a new language. Before website translation; we research the terminologies of our customers’ products and services in the target markets, obtain their keyword analyses and present a report. At the point of mutual agreement, we start the project in line with the relevant report.

We attach top level importance on the privacy of our customers’ information and technical documents. We establish the long-term relationships with our customers based on this trust, and never compromise our sensitivity about privacy. Within the scope of our website translation services, we serve our customers at top quality and as fast as possible with our experienced team. With our comprehensive preliminary studies including the keyword studies, we achieve projects that provide the highest customer satisfaction.

If you also would like to receive website translation services, you can contact us and obtain more detailed information about our services and pricings. With the help of our expert team that uses both the source language and the target language at the optimum level, you can benefit from the reliable, quality, rapid and reasonably priced services.


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