Academic translation is overall the interpretation of foreign resources regarding the researched topic, and it can be done so that the academic articles that are desired to be published are published and acknowledged in English or other languages and reach many more people. Academic translation services are considered to be one of the most needed types of translation. Because the quality of the translation adds value to the quality of the academic text as well, it is crucial that the translation who will do the translation has the necessary academic knowledge on both the target language and the source language, and on the topic.

Academic articles, dissertations, scientific publications and research papers which constitute the topic of the academic translation services are extremely important resources, and they are prepared in a different manner compared to regular documents. Academic texts with different terms also have their distinctive genres and styles. Thus, experienced translators with the adequate knowledge should be preferred in order to both preserve the authenticity of the publications and obtain quality results while receiving academic translation services.

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Academic text translations are different than the other translations. The scientific articles within the scope of academic translation fall within a pretty broad range from texts written in the field of medicine all the way to texts under the field of social sciences. Consequently, even though academic texts are universal, it might be that they are different than one another.

Akademik çeviri hizmetleri kapsamında çevirisi yapılacak olan akademik metinlerin amacına ve içeriklerinin önemi, çeviri esnasında son derece titiz davranılması gerektiğinin en önemli göstergelerindendir. The academic texts which serve critical purposes need to be mistake free.

The language used in academic texts is pretty different than the one used in daily life. That is because the structure of the sentences, words and terms used belong to the field in question. Each field having a different and specific terminology is a reason why academic translations take more time. Due to the differences of fields, academic text translation services require that the language used in each text is peculiar. Scientific articles are mostly far from opinions, emotions and thoughts. This primarily applies in the fields of medicine, law, sciences and engineering. As for the articles in the field of social sciences, they might from time to time contain personal opinions. Grasping this distinction in detail during the academic translation service is crucial at the stage of conveying the contents accordingly.

The academic translation should be fluent and free from ambiguity in order to talk about a quality translation. In addition, it should also be easily understood by the readers. The terms should be used within context and the sections should be conveyed into the target language in order (title, summary, keywords, introduction, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion, references) and correctly. It is possible to look to the help of an editor whose mother tongue is the source language of the text in order to avoid the occurrence of any mistakes during the translation process. Also, in the event that the translator is in a dilemma or fails to fully understand any points, contacting the author of the academic text can be really effective in the success of the academic text translation.

It is extremely important to receive academic translation services from the translators who are experts in the field. Since academic texts have a vast quantity of terminology within the academic texts, the translator needs to have the competence to be able to use the terms within context. Speaking the source language and the target language with native fluency in addition to being able to use the language fluently are some of the fundamental proficiencies that are expected to be possessed by the translators to deliver the academic translation services.

Uluay Delivers Professional Translation Services in 45 Different Languages

Uluay Translation Services aims to deliver a quality and fast academic translation service through its experienced and professional translators. We offer reliable, professional and solution-oriented translation services in 45 languages regarding the translation of articles and academic publications. We carry out a fast and meticulous work in order to conclude our customers’ translation needs within the time frame that they have determined. We carry out the necessary controls and ensure redaction after the translation process is complete. We make sure to preserve the authenticity of the documents within our principle of zero error.

We inform our customers at every stage after starting on the academic translation works. We offer academic translation services in many different fields including medicine, engineering, business, social sciences and law with our team consisting of experienced translators and editors. We offer our mistake-free, fast and grammatically correct translations for all academic articles to our customers within the time frame that they have determined.


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