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Putting any communication of another structure down on paper is called transcription. When the communication is in the form of a sound, it is transcribed with sound recording transcription service, and with video transcription service when it is a video. The speeches given by the speakers during conferences, meetings or seminars are usually recorded with a recorder within the scope of the transcription service. Then these speeches are listened to once more, and turned into written documents by being transcribed. The duration of transcription might be longer when the sound recording does not have the desired quality for the transcription service. Also, the transcription service performed in subjects that require a certain specialty or in technical subjects are considered to be a more challenging process.

Two different methods can be used during the transcription service depending on the customer’s request. In the first method, an exact transcription service is provided without correcting the ambiguities or grammar mistakes made during the speech. And in the second method, the transcribed text is also edited editorially. The terms used incorrectly, the ambiguities and grammar mistakes are corrected and the text is made ready for use.

It is not possible to transcribe the speeches simultaneously with the speaker during any event. The details that are in the spoken statements but that can get forgotten during longer programs can be understood much more accurately with the transcription service, they get more permanence and the need to listen to the whole recording for a piece of information which can be needed later on is eliminated.

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The transcription service can be basically defined as the process of putting speech down into words or a text. One should refer to experienced professionals to receive transcription services. The transcription service is considered to be a special translation topic. The contents that are the subject of transcription should be analyzed extremely sensitively as they can be contents that contain privacy. The sound and image recordings in cassette, video, DVD, VCD, CD or other formats are transcribed by translators who are experts in the field. The transcription translation service is delivered when deemed necessary. These procedures should be performed in special studios with the necessary technical equipment. The grasping of the translators to deliver the transcription service for the language to be transcribed, and them having an analysis skill that is in line with the spelling and grammar rules are considered as the most important factors that are needed so that the transcription service is successful.

The transcription service is generally preferred to be used for; interviews, sound recordings and news, video contents on digital platforms, movies, TV series, documentaries, advertisement films, conferences, seminars, assemblies and training videos, presentations, meetings, cases, hearings and interrogations, phone records and television programs. The transcribed texts can either be received in their raw form by the customers, or it can be requested that they are added as subtitles to a video. Also, subtitle or dubbing interpretation can also be requested.

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As Uluay Translation Services, we have been delivering services with our experience in the sector and the references from the business partnerships that we have conducted with many different customers of ours since the day we started our operations. We conduct business partnerships with both local and national brands within the scope of our concept of 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks to our meticulous working principle and experience; we deliver a fast, reliable and quality transcription service.

We complete our transcription service process with different stages including listening to the sound recording, understanding it fully and correctly and putting it down on paper. At the stage of putting a sound recording down on paper as a text, which is a pretty demanding process, we might encounter situations where the videos or sound recordings are corrupt or of poor quality. We improve the sound recordings via special programs when we come across such hitches. We aim to achieve the best results this way. We put all the events of our customers that are videotaped or recorded as sound, your programs and video recordings down on paper within the framework of our confidentiality and safety concept.

The quality of the video or sound recording, and the spoken language of the speaker are considered to be the most important factors that might affect the transcription positively or negatively. When the sound quality is bad, it is extremely difficult or sometimes impossible to understand what is being said and transcribe it. The speaker not having a good elocution, speaking in an accent or dialect that is hard to understand might have a negative influence on the transcription process. During the transcription service, the recording in question is listened to and prepared as a written text in the same language. A plain transcription service does not involve the processes of translation and creation of the subtitle file.


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