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The right which is given to the inventor so that any invented product or system can be used, sold and imported for a certain amount of time is called a patent. All rights of the said product or service belong to the patent holder and can in no way be used without permission. The invention that is being patented is required to be new and unique, to have never been used before, and to have not been included in any magazines or similar publications. Also, the patent should also be applicable, developable and viable in the industrial setting beyond idea and theory. Aside from these elaborate processes that are necessary for the application and obtaining the patent, it is crucial to put in an equally careful and mistake-free work during the patent translation service as well.

The same patent is used for the purchasing procedures of the production right and import right. To this respect, when companies or persons want to purchase the production or import right of the invention that they have made in a different country, the need arises for professional patent translation services. Online patent translation has the status of legal and technical document. Therefore, a translation that is done straightforward and word for word is not enough. Patent translation must be performed by professional translators.

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Patent and description document is considered to be a legal text as it ensures the protection of the rights of the inventor and their transfer to the manufacturer if needed. Thus, one must act meticulously during the translation of the document that is the subject of the patent translation service into the target language, and much more must be done than just a plain translation procedure. In order for the rights covered by the patent can still protect after the patent translation is performed, the patent translation services must be delivered by professional certified translators.

The documents with completed description translation are subjected to the stages of proofreading and quality control. Cohesion, the terminology used, grammar and punctuation marks are checked. Since patents are used in a pretty wide range of areas; machinery, appliances, engineering, pharmaceuticals, IT chemistry, automotive, medical products, vehicles, chemicals, mechanics, medical devices, aviation, information technologies, patent descriptions, brand registration, patent applications and patent design can be seen in the fields that are the subject of patent translations.

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Every invention nowadays can be protected with a patent. The translation that is performed for such an important subject plays a major role in perfectly protecting the said rights. We have a pretty sensitive attitude regarding the patent translation representing the invention correctly and regarding a complete translation. With our experienced team in the sector, we contribute to our customers in obtaining a rapid and professional result in their patent translations.

We perform our patent translation services with our leading expert translator staff, and we examine the documents in full detail before starting on the translation procedure, and we achieve a full command on the subject. Depending on factors such as the word count in the document content, the source language and the target language, we complete the patent translation process as soon as possible and deliver the orders of our customers. Before we deliver our patent translation services, we check them in terms of meaning, grammar and terminology. Then we inspect them for their compliance with international orthographic rules. This way, we make sure that the patents to be published or sent in for approval are finalized as being free from grammar and orthographic errors, terminological mistakes and unlawful formats.

As Uluay, we deliver patent translation services in 49 different languages in the topic of patents, though English is mostly preferred. We provide fast and quality services with our expert staff for each document or text that is the subject of the patent translation service. Our customers who need an urgent patent translation can contact us 24/7 on our phone line.


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