Consecutive Translation (Interpretation)

Consecutive translation is one of the methods used in order to translate between different languages. Consecutive translation, which is one of the most frequently used translation methods, has some differences compared to the simultaneous translation method. Consecutive translation is also a more classic translation method compared to the simultaneous translation method. Among the top events where consecutive translation is needed are; business deals, trade meetings, official launches, business dinners, press conferences and many other different organizations.

Translators delivering consecutive translation services must have excellent command in both the target language and the source language. Translators do not need any technical equipment to translate within the scope of consecutive translation services. In consecutive translation services, the translator sits at a table and translates what the person who is speaking is saying during a meeting or a conference word for word to the target language. Therefore, the risk in the consecutive translation service is less than in the simultaneous translation services. Thus, consecutive translation services are often preferred on different platforms. The meetings or conferences where consecutive translation services are preferred are usually brief, confidential or formal organizations.

Because the areas of use for translation methods differ from one another, the areas where consecutive translation services are preferred and the advantages of the said method are different than in the other methods. The translators delivering translation services within the scope of consecutive translation services do not need to refer to any sources of equipment. In consecutive translation, the translator can translate the sentences by paraphrasing them instead of translating them exactly. The elocution of the translators to deliver the consecutive translation service should be clean and articulate. Also, the translators should stick to the essence of the subject and translate without getting off of it. Thus, one must have detailed information regarding the experience and translation skills of the translator who will deliver the translation service.

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Various translation methods are used nowadays, and it can easily be said that every translation method has its peculiar properties and rules. Whatever method is chosen, it is vital to act in line with the basic rules of translation methods during the execution of the method in terms of achieving a healthy communication.

The translator to perform the consecutive translation being an expert in the language and having a grasp of all the characteristics of both of the languages are among the most important factors that ensure the translator’s success. In cases where consecutive translation services are used during the meetings or conferences about technical subjects, the translators must well know the technical concepts in the relevant subject and their meanings in the target language. Therefore, it might be useful if the translator reviews the words about the subject and sector of the meeting before the translation.

Bringing both the practical and grammatical characteristics of the languages into the language fluently has a significant role in establishing a healthy communication. Translators being able to perform accurate and complete translation regarding the translations about any profession and being able to be comprehensible matter in terms of the consecutive translation services. Unlike during simultaneous translation services, no equipment is used and instant translation is performed during the consecutive translation processes. Unlike simultaneous translation, only one person receives services in the consecutive translation services. The translator makes peer to peer communication with the other party during the consecutive translation services. It is really important that the translator has a strong memory because translation is performed after listening.

Consecutive translation is considered to be a more difficult method of translation compared to the written ones. The mistakes can be corrected in the event of making one during the written translation services. As for the consecutive translation services, mistakes are impossible to remedy. Besides; consecutive translation services from translators who are not proficient in terms of listening, speaking and pronunciation may cause the participants to misunderstand each other and unintended consequences. Since the translators to deliver the consecutive translation services do not have much time to translate, they must perform the translation as fast as possible and mistake-free.

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