Uluay Translation Services

Established in 2021, Uluay provides translation and interpretation services. We are there for both corporate and individual clients for any translation-related needs with our professional staff.

In translation, we have numerous experiences in technical, legal, medical, commercial, creative, literary, and such areas. Catalog translation, agreements, corporate correspondence, press releases, technical specifications, bid documents, epicrisis, drug registration files, and websites are just some of them.

In interpretation, along with the areas stated, we provide subtitle and/or voice-over services for series, movies, documentaries, and corporate introductory videos. Whether in Turkish or another language, we transcribe your audio records. We translate your documents for notary approval.

For providing all of these services in the truest, top-quality, and shortest time, we work with a wide and professional staff. Of course, we benefit from the technology of the age. For preparing the documents we use graphic design programs as well as various translation programs for the quality of the translation.


We help you to communicate with the world and thus, introduce yourself to the world. By easing your work and ensuring you get the quickest solution possible, we guarantee satisfaction.


Ensuring translation and its importance is recognized everywhere in our daily life. And also, supporting everyone who wants to contribute to the translation sector and wants to build a career.


If you want to work with us, send us your CV

Maximum file size is 50 mb (pdf, doc, docx).