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With the increasing internet access and use worldwide; users all around the world can easily access the videos that are shared. Also, with the digital platforms being more and more involved in our lives; subtitles and translation services are needed for movies, documentaries, TV series, cartoons, advertisements and news as well. Subtitle translation is extremely important for the movies, TV series and YouTube contents which are the most commonly consumed visual contents in the modern world. In addition to being a much faster and much more economic solution than dubbing, subtitle translation is pretty effective in terms of TV series, movies or videos getting noticed and viewed by even more people.

Within the scope of online subtitle translations services; audio sources and screen texts are turned into written texts and translated, then rendered to be locatable within the video as subtitles. Different options of languages that are preferred can be added to TV series, movies, documentaries and other video contents with subtitle translation. This way, the viewer can get the chance to watch the video with one of their preferred subtitle options.

During subtitle translation; firstly, the speech and and contents such as the words on the screen in the video to be translated are transcribed. Then the translation of the transcribed texts is done by the translator. After the translation has been completed, the dialogues and speeches in the video are made to match the time intervals and synchronize with the video, and thus the subtitle file is created. After the subtitle translation is done, each document is embedded into the video and meticulously tested. Subtitle translation is also offered in text with dialogues in addition to synchronized codes. All of our files which are shared with no one other than the translators as per the principles of privacy are under Uluay guarantee both throughout the project and after the project is over.

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Because access to the multimedia content of any country nowadays is not just limited to that country and can be accessed from many parts of the world; an obvious increase can be seen in terms of publishing of the contents in different languages in the television and movie sectors as well as YouTube and other digital platforms.

The fact that foreign movies and TV series can be accessed much more easily on the internet and digital platforms recently is one of the reasons of the increased weight given to subtitle translation. However, it is not enough to just have knowledge on the source foreign language in order to perform a subtitle translation. A subtitle translation needs to be morphologically and semantically perfect; and the idioms and traditional phrases should also be fully translated into the target language. Unlike the other types of translation, the quality and authenticity of the subtitle translation is as importance as its esthetic value. The viewer’s reading time should be taken into account while preparing the subtitle translation and it is important that the sentences are of adequate length for the viewers to follow.

Unless done by a leading expert team, subtitle translation can cause a bad transcription. In order for the subtitle translation, the representative of a transition between cultures, to be successful; the content, which is the product of a culture, should be transferred to another culture in a harmony with the help of subtitles. Also, the expertise of the subtitle translators in subtitle programs is also considered to be an important matter. This way; the time codes can be arranged professionally, and the viewer’s distraction from the movie or TV series can be avoided thanks to ensuring the necessary smoothness.

When the subtitle translation service is used in videos, it is especially a really effective and popular choice in terms of expanding the target audience. Subtitles add more value to video contents; and play a major role in reaching out to wider audiences.

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As Uluay Translation Services, we take into consideration the cultural influence as well while implementing the translation procedure, so that the subtitle translations that we execute with our professional team can be successful. While executing the processes of transcription and placement, we offer a wide language source; and we serve you with meticulous efforts regarding the reflection of both the cultural and geographical differences on the language and conveying them to media resources. We offer the subtitle translation services that you need both as translation and as placement. If you like, we deliver our translation services from another subtitle or audio source to the target language in a localized way that is in harmony with the average reading speed and that will be hard on the eyes on the screen.

As Uluay Translation Services, we offer authentic and accurate subtitle translation services in 45 languages with our experienced and leading expert team. We return the questions and requests of our business partners as soon as possible during all projects where we work together, and we make sure to have a proactive attitude.

You can also contact us via our website so that your meticulously prepared subtitle texts can be on the bottom of your videos, and get a price quotation about our subtitle services in 45 different languages. You can benefit from our high quality, user-friendly and reasonably priced services. You can use our Contact Form on our website for your other questions and feedback.


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