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Thanks to the rules of law which have a significant role in the coexistence of societies, people are able to have certain rights and freedoms all around the world. Since persons and establishments carry out countless legal transactions everyday, it can explicitly be said that law is an indispensable institution. And the translations which we get done out of official and personal needs to many different source languages should be performed in an extremely professional and meticulous manner for the said reasons. When a legal translation is in question, the translation process, the source to be translated being true to its original becomes even more important. One might need legal translation where legal texts, documents or articles are translated at every aspect of life. Court decisions, agreements, laws, certificates of conformity, expert reports, regulations and powers of attorney are in the field of legal translation services. In the most general sense, all documents that have a legal value and validity can be evaluated within the category of legal text. Incorrect or incomplete legal translation might lead to an unintended consequence such as suffering a loss of right. Legal time limitations might be in question for the conclusion of some legal processes. Completing the translation on time is one of the most important points to watch out so that this legal duration is not exceeded while delivering a legal translation service.

Companies, institutions and organizations can benefit from professional legal translation services to maintain their existing overseas connections, making new foreign business connections and conducting their business processes problem-free. In addition; the translation of all agreements, legislations, regulations, court decisions, official instruments and documents, including criminal law, tax law, family law and trade law are within the scope of legal translation services. Apart from written translation; the oral translations to be performed at notaries and courts also fall within the area of specialization of legal translation in terms of their topics.

The legal translation services which require an extremely careful work also require the possession of full competence in terms of specialty as well.

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No interpretation should be included at all in the legal translation services, and the translation from the source language to the target language should be performed without making any changes to the said message. The words and phrases used in legal translation services should all be selected among words that are peculiar to the field of law. It is extremely important that the translators delivering the legal translation services have a grasp on the transnational law systems , and conduct the necessary researches when the legal concepts do not correspond between the source and target languages, so that the translation is a success. The legal translations which require an extensive cultural background and experience should be performed within the framework of the principle of justice and in an unbiased manner. Near synonymous sentences should be used, it should be made sure that the sentences are exact and certain, legal arguments should be used, and all of the sentences should be clear and understandable.

Not only the legal texts are different in terms of style, but they are also among texts with extremely rich content looking from the perspective of terms. The works conducted in legal areas have the power of directly affecting the rights and freedoms of both the individuals and companies, so, legal translations must be performed with zero mistake. If there is a mistake in the document or the text, this is considered to be the responsibility of the translation bureau or the translator. Therefore, one must be even more meticulous when it comes to legal translation processes of formal document. No additions, removals or changes should be made on the said legal texts unless a request comes from the persons. Also, because they are submitted to government agencies, the legal translations should be notary certified and stamped to be valid.

In addition, principle of privacy is one of the most crucial matters regarding legal translation services. The legal texts which are the subject of a translation might contain extremely important and confidential information about persons and establishments. Sharing this information with third parties in any way might lead to some serious problems. One must prefer working with reliable people and corporations delivering the translation service in order to avoid the said situation.

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Legal parlance is different than the language that we speak on the daily and has a formal terminology. Therefore; the attempts of unprofessional translators to translate legal documents might cause misunderstanding and serious mistakes. These mistakes might sometimes even lead to legal sanctions. As Uluay Translation Services; we perform all of our translation services at the top quality, with the awareness that we are under a legal responsibility. Since legal texts have their own style and parlance, we make sure to create the contents in a way to prevent differences of interpretation. We pay attention to the translation having the same semantic coherence as the source text during translation. We convey the source text into the target language fully and completely. After the translation is complete, we control the text in detail, and deliver the project after having corrected any mistakes, if any. With our staff consisting of leading expert translators, we continue with our works with great meticulousness in order to provide accurate and reliable legal translation services for you. We translate all your documents, texts and instruments in the field of law by staying true to their original, and we aim to provide top level services with our leading expert professional team.

You can also benefit from the quality services of Uluay Translation Services in subjects including the agreements, trade proposals, international engagements, reports, researches, policies, banking and finance transactions, documents, tenders, feasibilities, meeting minutes reports, customs and insurance transactions that constitute the basis of business life. You can contact us via our website and send your questions about your legal translations via our Live Support Line 24/7.


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