Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation means instantaneous translation and it is one of the oral translation services. In the simultaneous translation service which is concurrent, what the speaker says is instantaneously translated and a different technical equipment is needed for it. Simultaneous translation is the best method of communication that can be used during the events where there are groups speaking different languages. It is especially preferred in international events for it provides translation for many people at the same time. Accordingly, it can clearly be seen that simultaneous translation services are mostly used in international conferences, congresses and training seminars. It can be said that during such events, the importance of simultaneous translation and its advantages are clearly displayed in how all participants listen to and understand a speech at the same time. Similarly, simultaneous translation services can ne needed during international business meetings and private companies as well.

In simultaneous translation services, in order to deliver simultaneous translation services along with technological support, translators who have specialized in this are should deliver them. Translators delivering simultaneous translation services receive special training and they play an important role in establishing a bond with the audience during organizations like seminars, conferences and meetings. The translators being specialized in the subject which is the focal point of the speech in addition to grasping the style of expression of the speaker is effective in delivering successful simultaneous translation services. It is recommended to work with translators who are experts in the areas of semantic transmission and technical equipment concerning the simultaneous translation services.

Simultaneous translation services allow instantaneously monitoring all developments at different spots in our world during a fast process of globalization. Simultaneous translation services are especially vital and necessary for international meetings.

Translators delivering simultaneous translation services must have a command in the target language as well as the source language. If the simultaneous translation services are to be delivered in technical subjects, the translator must also have a really extensive technical vocabulary. Otherwise, the translation might go wrong and there might be communication gaps. Translators delivering simultaneous translation services should also have a good elocution and should speak clearly in both languages during the simultaneous translation services. In addition, the translator’s ability to focus on the subject is also considered to be one of the crucial points during the translation.

Uluay Offers Translation Services Compliant With International Standards

Form of addressing the audience might vary from geography to geography. And the subject that is conveyed to the audience is a reason that is known to affect the success of the simultaneous translation services. Each speaker might give different speeches during simultaneous translation services. And the differences of the subjects might bring along differences in the use of the languages as well. Simultaneous translation services have been shaped according to the changing dynamics of the modern worlds especially recently; and the rules and technical requirements to follow during simultaneous translation services are also greatly effective in successfully maintaining the international communication network.

Factors like the subject that the speakers from different countries want to transfer to the audience and their occupations are determinant on the formal properties of the language use. Translators delivering simultaneous translation services should deliver services in line with the occupations, social statuses and language use properties of the speakers.

Although people who have an excellent command of a foreign language can successfully translate a written text in a comfortable setting, it is known that conveying it to those who are personally listening to them while the speaker’s activity is currently ongoing requires a significant experience. With that, the translator is also obliged to remember what is currently being said while conveying what was said in the previous section as the speech goes on.

Meetings progress much faster and much more smoothly thanks to simultaneous translation services. And establishing an uninterrupted communication becomes possible. Execution of the event with simultaneous translation is effective in increasing the interest and attendance in the meeting. Thanks to simultaneous translation which allows much more clear and faster conveying of the intended messages, meetings can be made to look more professional.

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With our translators within Uluay Translation Services who catch up with the rhythm of speech, who have the technical equipment and who have a grasp on the subject of the conveyed speech, we offer top level services to our customers. There are some international standards to obey about simultaneous translation services. And we, as one of the most experienced names of the sector, comply with the international standards in our simultaneous translation services.

We offer instantaneous translation services in compliance with the international standards in conferences, international meetings, seminars and similar organizations. Because our leading expert translators are competent enough to catch up with the rhythm of the speaker simultaneously, we make a significant amount of contribution to the establishment of an organic connection between the audience and the speaker. Our professional translators who have a grasp on international standards closely monitor the speaker’s process and offer excellent services accordingly. They watch the presentation of the speaker in advance, conduct the necessary researches on the subject, and thus have a command of the focal point of the speech. With the contribution of their preparatory works, they are able to offer simultaneous translation services with a fluent, rapid and strong semantic expression.

You can also contact us to benefit from our simultaneous translation services, and work with our expert translators in the field you wish to receive simultaneous translation services.


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