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The definition of technical translation, which allows the words and sentences that are used for any science or field of occupation to be conveyed to another language, usually refers to all fields of translation except for literature. In other words, technical translation can be defined as subjecting the texts in technical fields to the process of translation. Due to the constant developments in all fields recently, technological and informational flow is extremely important. The need for technical information in every aspect of daily life is an indicator of how important and necessary technical translation is.

Aviation, automotive, chemistry, engineering, seafaring, energy and construction sectors are some of the fields where technical translation services are preferred the most. Among the subjects of technical translation are included; subjects that require technical translation regarding engineering, construction, physics, biology, hydraulics, informatics, automotive, machine operating manuals, plant - equipment installations, chemistry, finance, air - sea machines, food, energy, architecture, electronics, optics, television, software, space technologies, law, economy, textile and agriculture.

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Whatever the subject of the translation is, speaking the language alone is never sufficient to translate. And for technical translation, one needs to have the know-how and a good grasp on the terminology in addition speaking the foreign language.

It is almost an obligation that the translator providing the technical translation services has a firm understanding on the information and terminology of the field in question. If a translator does not have sufficient knowledge on the field, and fails to perform the translation as needed; it might be a question of loss of both money and time.

Nearly all sectors need technical translation nowadays, and receiving technical translation services especially during the export and import transactions is crucial in terms of globalization. Just like in all translation services, it is the most critical priority that the sentences be clear and comprehensible in the technical translation services as well. Since technical translations are mostly product- or service-oriented, it should be aimed that information is given in the most brief and explicit manner possible with technical translation services. The translator cannot interpret in the technical translation texts. The exact meaning of the words must be used in the entire text. As technical translation requires proficiency, it is crucial that the translator has the sufficient knowledge and has a grasp of the terminology of the field. Moreover, the words that the translator chooses to use in translation must be suitable for the sector.

A style that is based on a straightforward expression should be adapted for technical translation texts. Long sentences that are linked with one another with conjunctions should not be made especially if it is a matter of translating a mechanical device or a similar technical translation. Itemization or visual representations can be preferred for texts with long explanations.

A professional translation bureau should be particularly chosen to work with when it is a question of technical translation. Because the translation of the said text can be conducted with good quality thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the translator who will translate. Technical translations packed with a lot of information are known as translations that do not tolerate mistakes. This is why one must make sure that the translation bureaus and translators from whom one will receive technical translation services have the necessary experience, quality, foreign language knowledge and the know-how. The translation procedures performed by the translation bureaus or translators that lack the necessary expertise might result in encountering some adversities such as financial damages.

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As the Uluay Translation Services, we provide you with professional translation services in 45 foreign languages. We aim to become your biggest supporter on your path of communicating with different geographies by providing translation services in not-so-popular languages in addition to the languages that are used frequently in international communications. We provide top quality translation services that are needed in various fields like academics, law, trade and medicine with our professional team.

We analyze your texts for which you wish to receive translation services and we direct them to our experienced team members who have sector-specific knowledge. We conclude the necessary procedures on the text so that the message of the texts are grasped and so that the points that are desired to be emphasized are established. We do not make any additions, removals or changes to the texts that we translate without your knowledge and request. We deliver our projects, which we meticulously complete within the duration that you specify, to you in full. We provide elaborate services that will not damage your corporate presence, and we subject your texts which we translate to multiple checks before delivering them.

Technical translations cover a pretty extensive spectrum. And different technical terms are needed to be used for each sector. Therefore, we evaluate the projects sent by our business partners who wish to benefit from our technical translation services in a manner that is specific to the sector. With the translations for operating manuals, we hold a meeting with our project specialists and business partners after the preliminary project approval. We create a terminology dictionary for the subject and submit it for your approval.

Thanks to the qualified translation memory that we have created via the translation programs that we use, the interaction with our online global translator pool, having a stable information data even with our changing translators, we are always able to achieve consistency in our translations. Our project specialists contact our business partners who wish to receive technical translation services. Then, three different sample texts with the most technical details are sent to them. We carry on working with the content language that our business partner prefers. Also, our experienced specialists create a company dictionary and submit it for the approval of our business partners. We always stay in contact during the translation process with our partial project deliveries throughout the process. Our personal customer advisors carry out the analyses and relevant procedures on the said file in line with the translation requests that require specialty. Then, we send our word and characters with no spaces prices to our business partners. Among our services that we provide within the scope of technical translation services are; professional operating manuals, technical specifications for tender documents, product technical specifications, spare part lists, documents requiring certified engineering, machine software, technical support correspondences and technical documents, videos on technical briefings, simultaneous and consecutive translation services for technical meetings, technical translator support for teleconferences and videoconferences.


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