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The fact that the medical field is rapidly growing and the necessity of sharing these developments with different countries around the world are effective in emphasizing medical translation services. Medical translation services include medical documents, usage and maintenance guides regarding medical tools and equipment, doctor’s reports, patient information leaflets, publications or pharmaceutical industry, files of medical literature, clinical research files and reports, patent translations, drug registration files, advertisement and promotional texts of medical and pharmaceutical institutions, similar documents from dentistry and veterinary medicine, and medical articles.

In addition, medical academic texts, thesis, trials, package inserts for medical and pharmaceutical products, case reports, biomedical device user manuals, books, journals, studies, various researches and studies, promotional texts on health, epicrisis, radiology report, doctor’s opinion, laboratory test reports, hospital reports such as examination reports are amongst medical translations.

In the most general sense, medical translation can be defined as translational texts of the health sector. Particularly package inserts for medical and pharmaceutical products, everything about medicine can be considered as medical translation.

Today, especially the hospitals, health institutions, and many organizations and institutions that are connected to the health sector such as companies of medical stuff production and trade can ask for medical translation services.

As in all special fields, medical translation requires more than just a standard translation. Aiming to improve the health and lives of people, medical translation texts are effective in expanding discoveries as well as medical information. Medical translation can be used to provide health services to minorities and foreigners. Since the density of medical terminology and the fact that medical language is unique are making translation difficult, it is not possible for every translator to make a medical translation. Keeping in mind that medical translation is a field where even the smallest mistake can cause the biggest risks, this area is considered to be one of the most challenging translational fields. The people who will make translations in the medical field need to have sufficient information on the medical sector and language.

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Medical translation requires special expertise. Thus, it needs to be done by experienced translators who know medical terminology and different medical texts. Translation of texts in medicine and health is considered as medical translation. These translations are made by adhering to medical terminology and universal medical jargon.

Medical translations should be made by persons who are experts in this field. For this, it is preferred to work with either people who have medical training of any sort or translators who are experienced in such an area. Even with the tiniest mistake or using a single letter wrong, the meaning of can change; thus, it has the utmost importance in this sector to provide an accurate translation, since this is related to human life. That’s why, the translator should have comprehensive knowledge on diseases, the evolution of the diseases, and pharmacological drug literature as well as drugs, treatments, and medical reports. Medical translators should follow the developments in the medical field, read articles, and spare no effort on a literature review when necessary, and consult medical experts.

In medical translation services, since it is necessary to familiar with the terminology as well the language, the people who are competent in medical terminology and concepts. Since it is related to a field that can directly affect the health of a person, ambiguity and faults are not tolerated in medical translations. Each medical translation texts have a unique style and this style should be preserved when translating into another language. Thus, the translator needs to improve himself by following the latest developments in the field. It is important to make research and gain knowledge about the subject of the text before starting to translate. After the completion of translation, proofreading, last read, and last control processes should be made.

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At Uluay Translation Services, we work with the awareness that how important medical translation services are. With our expert translators in their respective fields, we provide top-quality translations. We are professionally making our translations and thus provide impeccable, grammatically correct, and fast translation services. Our experienced staff in the medical field are getting necessary information on the purposes of that texts and their delivery date when accepting the file to be translated and plans their studies in this way. In the case of urgent translation or correction works, we are trying to help you within the shortest time upon our workload.

With our specialist staff in their respective fields, we provide reliable medical translation services to our business partners. In addition to all these, we also provide translation and interpretation services in 45 languages to pharmaceutical firms and medical equipment producers. Within our corporate approach, we check your projects within a particular control mechanism and deliver them to you faultlessly.

Upon you gave the texts to be translated, we categorize the text to its area, language, and length and inform you regarding its pricing and delivery time. After the control of more than one translator, we prepare the translations for delivery. Under our confidentiality principle, we do not share the works with third parties under any circumstances.

You can contact us, Uluay, providing professional solutions in translation, localization, and language consultation needs of customers from 2012, the day we started our operations.


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