Literary Translation

Literary texts can be defined as the texts where the written language use is at the top level in order to take the reader on an artistic and esthetic journey, rather than giving information. Literary texts are the products of an artistic perception. Therefore, the messages that are aimed to be given out in the literary texts cannot be conveyed directly. Figurative meanings, connotations and equivokes are used.

Literary translation, in the most basic expression is; conveying a work written in genres such as story, poem, novel that are of literary value from one language to another. All types of texts in the field of literature are considered as the subject of literary translation services. The translators delivering literary translation services must firstly read the source text and comprehend it literarily. The cohesion that the text wants to evoke in its original language must be internalized and this cohesion must not be disrupted during the procedure of translation into the target language. This is accepted as one of the most crucial points especially when poetry is in question. As poetry is a figure of speech that accomplishes in expressing much with a few words, the cohesion of the poem will be disrupted when the meaning of even one word cannot be conveyed during translation.

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The literary qualifications of the text are taken into consideration in literary translation. The aim is to preserve the work, and convey the same meanings and emotions in the target language. It is vital that the translator who will perform the literary translation has the artistic and intellectual knowledge to analyze the work and also has a master writing style that can reproduce the work in the target language with all of its attributes. So, literary translation is considered to be one of the most difficult types of translation. During literary translation, he morphological and semantic elements in the source text must be preserved exactly in the target language as well.

The literary text translation which needs to be performed carefully and meticulously should be done by expert translators. The feelings and thoughts cannot be conveyed correctly when a mistake is made during literary text services. In this case, the work fails to reflect itself on the reader accurately.

During a literary translation, reading the other works of the author and understanding his/her style can contribute to the success of the translation. The translator should not be adding or removing anything to or from the text. The feeling and the meaning given out in the original text are carried completely onto the target text. It is crucial that the special addresses, words from ancient times and slang words are selected in the style used during that time and conveyed to the target language. Preserving the style of the source text exactly in the target text as well is one of the wanted criteria so that the translation can be considered a success. The form of the text should be adjusted depending on its genre and the translator should have a profound knowledge of the target language and its proverbs.

Fully obeying to the spelling rules in the translation of literary texts is also extremely important. The translator who has a grasp of the spelling rules of both the source language and the target language must meticulously implement these rules. Otherwise, there might be sentences that will not be understood in the translation. And that might result in unintended consequences like the sales charts being negatively influenced.

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At Uluay Translation Services, we offer the literary translation services through our translators who are intensely artistic and who are experienced in this area. The literary works that are translated by our translators who have a grasp of all of the delicacies of both the target and source languages and their cultures turn out to be no different than their versions in their original languages. While we professionally perform the literary text translations in 45 languages, we conduct a pretty meticulous labor to preserve the meaning, form and style of the text. With out translators who are experienced in their fields, we carry out professional translations that pretty successfully convey the artistic atmosphere of literary texts.

Our translator staff which has a literary perspective stands out with their proficiency in interpreting the construct of the text and communicating it to the reader. We share the sensitivity of our customers in terms of the translation of the literary texts, and we consider the literary text services to be one of our priority specialties. We deliver literary translation services in the most accurate way possible, without any additions or removals, thanks to our experience in the sector and our expert team who speak the languages in their field at a native level. We reflect the advantage of how our translators have a command of both the source and target languages with the successful translations that we offer our customers. With our works that we develop based on excellent service and top level customer satisfaction, we continuously carry on with our works to offer the fastest, most quality and reliable service to our customers.


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